Thread regarding CDW layoffs

Rumored S3 Layoffs in 2018

S3 (aka data center solutions) is rolling out a tool to track coworkers' activity, literally by the hour.

Lots of whispering among coworkers that this is just a way for CDW to collect data on employees and start laying off staff they deem unnecessary.

This micromanagement tool killed morale the second word got around; vendors and other resellers think it's a joke.

They claim it's to collect data and better serve customers - blah blah blah. People see what it is, and they're not happy.

The funniest part is upper management think this is some game-changing initiative. Stalking your staff's every last move is not clever or special at all.

Maybe we should look at your daily activities to see what you are doing, besides going to pointless meetings and business trips?

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I don't think this is true...haven't heard of layoffs and I would know...wouldn't make sense to. Pretty sure this was just a false rumor.

s3 isn't doing too hot in some categories, but the answer is not to lower investment. That would just make the decline(s) even worse. If they did layoff folks, that would just be bad business sense.

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are we in grade school? layoffs or not this is silly micro managing.

gotta love how management is trying to sell this. no one wants to complain/speak up because then they'll be a marked person...

probably the dumbest initiative I've seen in my 6+ years here.

I've heard that AHEAD has a good work environment...

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I've looked at the tool, not as bad as you suggested.

We'll see how it's used by managers. If they start micromanaging/terminating then we can complain.

If this is TRULY, as leadership claims, a way to collect high-level data on what we do day-to-day, then it won't be so bad. As long as it's not eternal, because I don't get get paid to log my daily schedule, no matter how quick it is.

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Campbell is trying to do too much. He keeps implementing random initiatives that just create busy work for everyone and don't help business.

If this leads to layoffs as has been suggested, that'd be S3's death knell. It's pretty tight knit so word will get around.

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Heard something similar.

The guys in the field aren't too worried though since they can log travel time and make themselves look busy.

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