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This is becoming unbearable

This company is changing, that’s for sure, but not for the better. Merck used to be a great company once, but they lost their way and their moral compass long time ago. Oh, that sweet talk about their great vision and company philosophy, but in reality, this company is rotten to the core. From the incompetent managers, who find it more easy to facilitate dog-eat-dog culture than to solve problems, down to HR who sits and does nothing. I’ve seen many good people pushed out, just because they didn’t wanna play that way.

I'm not in sales, but nevertheless, I feel so trapped, invested so much to just leave, but the tension is becoming so high that this is becoming unbearable.

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From someone who has seen it firsthand, the company has changed. If you’re not in it you don’t know. Everything about the company has changed. At one point the safety and integrity of the customer meant everything. Now it’s all about the shareholders and stock price. They tell you they’re cutting 20% of the workforce so you think it’s great that they’re reducing the amount of salaries and benefits. What they don’t tell you is they were forcing people to work overtime (at 2X pay) and overtime was through the roof. They also don’t tell you that quality isn’t even a thing anymore. They also don’t tell you how often they run at risk. Or how hey got rid of all the managers that knew what they were doing for a bunch of young underpaid kids freshnout of college with no experience. It’s a total disaster on the inside

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Merck didn't change, it was always evil at the top. They just pretended to be good while it suited them.

Now it doesn't suit them because there are big changes coming in the world, which the execs know full well.

So, time to cull the herd and show their true colors.

I mean, did you really think Big Pharma was nice at the core?

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