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Not surprised by layoffs

Really not surprised by the layoffs, Merck has been going downhill for a while now. Something like this was to be expected.

Instead of helping their reps, Merck has been looking for ways to undermined us, I guess so we would quit ourselves? The objectives set out for us are mildly put unrealistic and expense reporting is a bureaucratic nightmare. Management is only looking out for themselves, and they'll throw you under the buss the first chance they get if it'll benefit them. Not to mention that pay and benefits have only gone downhill in the past several years.

It's really sad, because I used to love working here. I guess nothing lasts forever. The way things are going here, I am considering starting a new job hunt sooner rather than later.

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All of this began back in the 80's when Merck split its sales force into 2 divisions, then three, to increase calls on physicians. Instead of having career oriented sales professionals, a new young crowd was hired, most of whom wanted to be president of the company in 30 days and willing to cut throats to get there. The experienced reps took advantage of the opportunity to get out, leaving the young, eager to get ahead, but inexperienced crowd with no loyalty to the one-time "America's most admired company" with only one way to go--down. The story gets worse........

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Well, this took me by a surprise. Wasn't expecting half of the sales will be let go.

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