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Why is it always the sales that gets cut?

Seriously, why? Every single time it's the same thing. Merck wants to save costs because revenues are down, so the company kicks a bunch of sales reps to the curb. Do they forget who it is that actually MAKES money for the company? It's not the accountants, managers, or any of the other countless unnecessary levels of staff in the company. And then they are uniformly shocked when sales go down once again. I wonder why...

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I am not in sales and I am gone. Sales rocks, but you guys always play victim. I know, trust me, I am married to one (not with Merck but in Pharma Sales)

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Definitely not just the sales guys. Production took a huge hit. They layed off so many people they were forcing people to work overtime (drafting). There are days where production cannot even run because they’re so short staffed and don’t want to pull any overtime. TRUST ME , it’s not just sales

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