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Merckie's Guide For Layoffs

Howgh Merckees, I have been through a number of large downsizing cycles and here are some pearls of wisdom from a pink-slip veteran (retiring for good on 1/1/2019):

  • Relax, breathe in, get mentally ready. You will need to be calm and collected over next few months – you need that inner stability to get through what’s ahead. Yes, you will be fine.

  • Avoid negativity on any level, there will be a ton of venom floating around, try to avoid it at all cost

  • There will be more layoffs, accept this – you may survive this wave but do not get too relaxed – evaluate your position and if you think that you may be affected in the future, look around and start looking for a job – I suggest that you budget one month of job searching time for every 30,000 you make in total comp – so, if your total comp is $180K, allocate about 6 months for that job search.

  • Be kind of others, leave on good terms – Merckies are ubiquitous in the industry, you need to preserve your personal brand and keep it intact. Be nice to people, this includes management – rocking the boat will not help you with anything – be pragmatic

  • No matter what: Don’t panic, you have skills and the market is good. You will be fine. Focus on ‘moving on’ – if in a relationship work with spouse/partner on agreeing on what the plan is – what works best for the family or the two of you. If you are solo, talk to a friend – sharing this sh-- is liberating.

  • Take any job that comes your way to bridge the gap – if you do not like it, jet after some time – a job on a resume is better than a gap – talk to a recruiter, see how they look at gaps.

  • Stick with pharma, do not waver – this is a good career and will only get better – with all tech advances, all research, computing power, breakthroughs the importance of our industry will grow – someone needs to sell and they will pay you good money if you are good at it. If you are loaded with money - ask yourself - can I say F--- YOU all - if yes, quit pharma, you are good!

  • If your CTL loads you with crazy work over next few weeks – push back, take a sick day to recover from the stress. They also need to know that you are interviewing, be open about it – take time off for this – they will get a message. Some CTL’s are just a--holes and slave drivers – push back and fight it. It’s extremely unlikely they will fire you right now (lawsuit, anyone?) and they’ve lost all other leverage (bonus, performance, etc.)

  • Start looking for a job TODAY – this is what you will need to do:

-- A) update your linkedin profile, from today until the day you get that new job update this profile every day – the update does not have to be substantial, you can just add a period or a dash – linkedin will recognize that your profile is active and this indicates to them that you are getting ready to jump the ship (or you are actively seeking a job).

-- B) Reach out to a couple of recruiters, schedule meetings, work with them on the resume.

-- C) Network like crazy. I think I've said this already, does not matter, I am repeating it - it's critical.

-- D) Go defensive on your personal budget – cut everything that can be cut – be aggressive here – you want to preserve cash, things may drag on – no matter how financially stable you are, be careful.

-- E) Solicit tips on openings (use your network), you want to find out about openings before they are published – your friend at that ABC Phrama may know what will be open soon – you have no competition for those spots.

That's it for now - hope things turn out good for everyone reading this....

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This is gold - thanks OP. I left in 2017 on my own but I can relate to all you post here - it's a great post indeed - thanks for sharing.

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I wish if I could be as positive as the original poster here. I was axed back in 2015 and it took me a while to recover. For all the newbies and millennials a quick FYI here – from 2010 and 2015 Merck eliminated 30K+ jobs, this was a massive and traumatizing even for employees and families.

Anyhow, after 12+ months of searching I’ve found a solid job and I am OK now – however, it’ll never be as good as we had it at Merck. Many pharma companies restructured in early 2000s (some a bit later), each of them introduced more stick and less and less carrot. Good old days are forever gone and we all need to adjust to our new reality – the stockholder is the king, the executives are deal makers, compensated beyond our imagination. The worker, no matter how professional or successful you are, is just a number and that’s the mantra today.

So, whatever happens – keep pressing on with life – do good things and pray. At some point, things will align and you’ll be set, it’ll be a long road though.


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