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Athenahealth laid off wrong people

As one of those laid off I understand why the company needed to restructure and become leaner, but as so many times before the decision to make changes seemed so ill advised and short sighted in nature. After 9+ years with the company, I have seen reorg after reorg that felt more like shotgun blasts, rather than well plan strategic thinking executed with pinpoint accuracy.

This time was no different; so many of those who are gone today had been high performing, highly experienced atenistas most of whom were the same people responsible for the work being done in the trenches everyday and for the individual successes that have lead to the rapid grow of athenahealth over the last decade. Doesn't it make more sense to save the cream and not pour it off the top, even if their salaries are a bit higher or they are a bit grayer? Companies often speak of the cost to hire and train good people, then why was this layoff seemingly without regard for this? The meaning of words such as loyalty, dedication, experience and honor have been forgotten by the leaders of athenahealth and this is indeed "A sad day".

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Been through an Athena lay off. It wasn't pretty. They spent A LOT of money remodeling our office to make it more inline with the "athena culture" then less than six months later started waves of lay offs in preparation to shut our location down. Sent everything we were good at overseas. Good luck to those involved.

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