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AC Nielsen CANADA, Mass Layoffs - Closing Call Centre Business

You hear about the layoffs at Sears, layoffs at Loblaws, etc. No one seems to know (or care) that AC Nielsen is closing its call centre, Market Survey Business at the end of November, 2017 (Just in time for Christmas - and, actually will not receive their final pay until AFTER Christmas, 2017.) Most office and work-at-home employees received their notices recently. Those in Montreal, Ottawa and, maybe Toronto are affected. The layoffs are in the hundreds. Employees were informed that they are expected to, and, MUST continue to work on cheerfully, perform to their usual, high standards, and given NDAs they all signed, are not permitted to disclose anything, nor sniffle about their laid off status - SUFFER IN SILENCE, you lot . Employees who just missed the 5 year mark, are out of luck - NO SEVERENCE, what-so-ever. Medical and other benefits are going the way of them .. left with nothing. To top it off, theyve had planned work-shifts cancelled, day after day - which will affect their required working hours, should they need to apply for Unemployment Insurance. This mess is all one-way - in AC Nielsens favour. Nice one, Nielsen.

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MANY companies laying off that is not reported in the news or acknowledged publicly.

We are in a stealth recession that the government, media, and corporations desperately want to hide from the public.

They all work together to accomplish this goal. Government puts out fake employment stats, corporations conceal layoffs, and the media turns a blind eye, though they are well aware of what's going on.

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It`s actually WORSE than reported above for AC Nielsen Employees. I know.

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