Thread regarding Luxottica Group S.p.A. layoffs

Lux stopping all in house manufacturing???

So Lux wanted to close in store labs and spouted off some BS numbers about only 2-5 percent of customers want one hour service.

They closed several regions labs and were quickly proven wrong. Their answer to this..... Basically faking they have labs.

Installed an edger and offer only one SV lens option for their 1 hr service not even staffing the (labs) and having retail staff making the order.

The rest of the labs have been assured they are safe despite every Corp document sent out confirming they still want to stop in house manufacturing but not saying it directly.

They just don't know how to without losing their butts to the competition.

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You have a few things wrong. In those locations without labs, they are not pretending to be able to produce work in an hour, there is no more one hour service there, the edger is there simply to be used in case of emergency to help provide a quicker turnaround for a customer with a specific need. 2, maybe 3 orders per week ran in-store using their lab. The person running the work is currently employed as part of the retail staff, but was retained from the closed lab location, so they used to be lab techs.

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