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Bari reps job cuts

Heard a rumor from multiple sources that no Bari reps will be impacted this time. Seems logical, but with this leadership you never know. The number of job cuts they announced is huge and I'm still concerned, and a lot of my colleagues are too. Eli Lilly used to be a great company, and more stable then other pharmaceutical companies. Now, everywhere I look I see fear and anxiousness. If anyone else have more info, please share.

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I am glad management has come to their senses (this was a stretch) and will be reducing Osteo reps instead of Lilly's premier Bari reps.

Bari reps are the best in the company and it would be insane to lose such top talent.

Osteo reps were rejected for the coveted Bari reps and if anyone it is let go it should be them.

Also, the do-nothing MHS RAMs and Market mgrs and Diabetes reps will be cut will be cut before Bari reps.

MHS is a total waste of money for Lilly and the DBU is so bloated it is pathetic.

They can't even see reps and I know they do make fake calls all the time.

Bari greats rule!

1 Bari reps!!

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What about that strong promise by Dave that we'll have 50/50 opex/revenue by Q1 of 2018. Hmmm. Not gonna happen. He'd have to cut so deep it'd turn everything upside down.

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There is a rumor that has been floating on CP that there will be a massive cut next week in Corporate - not sure what will happen.

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I am with you on this one. It used to be stable, much more than at two other companies I worked at before landing at Lilly in 2002. Anyhow, it will get bumpy and I really hope they will manage communication better as folks are concerned in my group as well.

I hope folks share what they know here.

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