Thread regarding W.W. Grainger Inc. layoffs

W.W. Grainger can't keep up anymore

Reality is, Grainger is can't keep up with the competition b/c they are way to late in the game. They no longer have the ability to not accept price increases from the mfg's like they did in the past when they were the only major player in the game. Mfg's now hold the cards and Grainger is panicking, therefore they created Gamut/Zoro which is a joke. Buyers are not idiots like Grainger assumes they are. There's this thing called the internet which is a lot easier to use than flipping through some 3" thick catalog or listening to some new Grainger rep presenting his/her sales pitch (which they get replaced about every 6 months). Maybe if Grainger wouldn't realign their reps territories every 6 months they might be more consistent in sales and their reps might be able to build a relationship with their customers. But hey, Deb O has it all under control.

Well said, @P9RoLT0-1qhx.

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I heard a rumor that Grainger cut ties with Cribmaster and is moving away from the vending business? can anyone confirm?

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Any truth to rumor

D G. Secret Plan

AMZN & GWW. Join forces

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Sad to hear about this...from a supplier's point of view they were a great customer.

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You are so right about Grainger not keeping up

Keyser ,Ryan ,DG , the Board Dave Grainger , Jim Slavic and 95% of leadership are old school

They are dinasors in this age of digital technology

Once the spike in sales from recent hurricanes dies down I predict Graingers stock will rapidally decline

The bad news about Grainger is spreading fast

Amazon secret plan to target Grainger is right on plan . Ryan & Jardin leaving confirms Grainger does not have answer Move over Sears's make room for GWW

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What original poster said is 100% accurate.

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