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Unofficial official layoff report 9/10/2017

A 30 person JDE engineering layoff in Denver reported this week. Total for this fiscal year remains at 7,000; 17,000 since 6/1/2016. Next expected major layoff is rumored to be enterprise sales, smaller layoffs will continue on a weekly basis here and there. Be well all and keep looking for we jobs. Your future at oracle is most uncertain.

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@PhpQpbA-2sfu Notifications to Solaris engineers in Europe have been happening over time since 9/1 as local laws allow, and most include "garden leave" periods where they are similarly on the payroll for a while longer still. That's far less than 700 people though.

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The JDEdwards layoff in Denver was 20 members of the Development\Product Strategy group during the week of Aug 21. There have been layoffs over the past couple of months in other Dev groups, even Cloud. Not sure the strategy there since they were already running lean. Anyone that's used a JDE product knows it's buggy, mostly caused by poor development practices.

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Thanks 5hxx. Don't know if I should hope that you're right or wrong but my group in WWOps is overstaffed and I'm ready for the axe.

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I believe it's the 20th for international WWOPS folks and the 27th for Broomfield/domestic. I happen to know that not even the managers know who's getting laid off on their teams.

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WWOPS RIF is imminent. It will happen any day now.

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Would appreciate any heads-up on WWOps RIF. Have to say that it's not surprising to hear.

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Yes, I had a week notice last year. But then I had a decent manager. It's also a small world and we all will work together in the future, no need to part on acrimonious terms.

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For some perspective: on most companies only peopl who are fired for something truly awful are terminated that day, if you are laid off as part of a RIF, more often then not you get to stay and work for a month or two. That just makes sense in terms of transition of work, relationships, etc. the way oracle is going about this is NOT normal. It's deranged oracle nonsense, going back to who knows what, LE miserable childhood? Go figure

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I think in the majority of cases no one could reasonably expect that their manager is going to give them any heads up. In the vast majority of cases the manager is not going to want to deal with that. They will want it short and sweet at the end and then done with it. Unless you have some kind of really, really close relationship with your manager, you aren't going to get told ahead of time.

In addition to them just not wanting to deal with that a lot of them may be afraid you are going to stop working if you are told ahead or you might sabotage something while you still have access to oracle systems.

I would guess that HR directs managers to not tell their employees before the last day. I don't think that is particularly evil, it's just the way it's done. I have seen it done that way at other companies. I have never been anywhere where the layoff victims were given notice beforehand.

What does seem inhuman is the abrupt ending of health services on the day of termination. That's a real problem and Oracle should not be doing that.

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"But has ANYONE actually heard/seen it happening from a decent manager within their department?"

Family member part of 9/1 RIF. No notice from manager. Knew it would happen after receiving FedEx delivery notification the night before. Then the next day conference call of less than 5 minutes from ES.

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If 100%-WFH staff were not eligible for WARN then that would easily account for 700.

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Well, the ARIA headcount shows a reduction of 777.

If you add 964 in SCA and 54 in SD, that takes it to 1,795.

So that leaves us about 700 more to track down. They could be at other sites/countries where the laws are also strict about layoff notifications. I know that China requires any laid-off employees to be retained for a certain period.

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I work in sales and my manager gave me a heads up 3 weeks before I was actually called. Also, everyone I know were informed by their manager.

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Has ANYONE had ANY - even an indirect heads-up - from ANY of their managers about been made redundant?

And i know that people will all come back saying, no, never, their horrible, etc....& i agree.

But has ANYONE actually heard/seen it happening from a decent manager within their department?

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How many are left in WWOPS Broomfield? I understand that the RedStack thingy might be getting hard to build ;)

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Aria, of course, also includes all the newbies and all those hired in India and Romania. So a totally meaningless number for assessing layoffs. Plus the delays between layoff ad actual exit

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I'm pretty sure that there are hundreds of Oracler's looking at the Aria count every day.

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World Wide Ops = WWOps

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They can analyze Aria logs to see who is accessing this information. Just an FYI if they wanted to be somewhat competent. They probably laid off the people who would know how to do this. Assess your risk.

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WWOPS = World Wide Operations, under SC/KB. If anyone finds out the actual date, would love to know, planning new jobs etc around it.

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To the poster who put up Aria counts. Aria will include over 900 people in SCA who remain in the system for 60 days per WARN. So stop posting aria counts. The layoff was real

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Aria Count on 8-21-2071: 139,258

Aria Count today 9-11-2017: 138,481

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Aria count today (9-11-2017): 138,481

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sorry to ask, but what is WWOPS ?


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WWOPS will be losing a lot of staff this month, and that's from a very reliable source. Not sure on the dates but it will be this month.

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Anyone still working at Oracle, even if it is cloud, even if you are a new college hire needs to be looking for another jobs. You are either too old and experienced and a high cost to Oracle or you are too young and ripe for exploitation and are severely underpaid. Even if you are successful, your comp plan is designed to take advantage of you. The best think you can all be doing is updating your resume, linkedin, and be looking for your next gig.

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Any idea when the WWOPS one will be in Broomfield? I've heard the 20th and 27th.

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