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We truly are a Fossil

Some folks in APAC were hit 3 weeks ago, and no mentions of it made on the forum. Perhaps fear is silencing the talk. Small group of Richardson photography team also hit too. Many others throughout Company voluntarily left over the last 5 months to escape the slow death, and having to perform multiple peoples' jobs when Re-organized.

People reading this forum, you do know more shadiness going on--- Fossil doesn't deserve your loyalty. Spill it.

Oh yeah, Sept.12--- "one more thing" the ever-present Goliath has announced their Apple Watch 3 which has PHONE functionalilty! So pretty sure Santa's wishlists will not be as full of disappointing Fossil Q or hilariously delayed Misfit Vapor this holiday season.

Let's not kid ourselves --- sh-- is already/ will get worse for business. No amount of 'grit' and new world fossil jargon will stop the collapse. Fossil is outclassed in IT structure, app development, product innovation R&D, programmers, media, Omni-channel, marketing, etc) by multi billion dollar Tech companies. They have endless money to build resources for Internet of Things, connected devices, etc. We have a weak fashion accessory business who dabbles in Tech. There is no comeback around the corner.

Posted originally by @Pamtu8t-6qby, the comment is 100% on point.

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Great question Anon. What are any of you doing there? Leadership doesn't believe in Fossil products because they are nothing but catch up, me too products. I would definitely get out of there by 2019.

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If you don't agree with the above, just stayed tuned while more red dot apple watches make their debut in our headquarters. I've already heard a couple VPs expressing jealousy over another employee's new LTE Apple Watch and I even saw a Misfit brand manager sporting one this week.

If our own leadership doesn't believe in our products then what are we even doing here?

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