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Don't count on getting rehired by Wells Fargo

Anyone that thinks they will be first inline for job opportunities once they've been let go is dreaming. Yes your manager can mark your profile as retain but many don't. Even if you have a great manager, hiring managers give little to no consideration to the retain notice. The best advice I've seen work is,to have existing manager write a recommendation or call a hiring manager. Anything else is waste of time.

Honestly the best job and easiest to get is with another bank. WF has so. Any cultural issues that are coming to light and that will,depress morale. New sales will be difficult as the public thinks all areas of wf are corrupt. The behavioral interview format s---s and it's easier to get a job elsewhere. If you've been let go, then use it to find a better job.

Posted by @Pft3tzO-ijq, makes a really good point.

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If you left this company, why would you ever come back? Many banks are better run than this place and the public perception of WF makes it thought to win new business. Not a lot of fun hearing customers tell us they are leaving because of the scandal. Morale is low in my branch,

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This isn't always true. I've been with the company going on 6 years and I know multiple people who have left the company and come back multiple times.

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So true

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