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Not worth it anymore

They are pretty much wiping the US clean at this point. Georgia is gone, Rhode Island is gone, most of Mass is gone. This company is the personification of hypocrisy. Top executives lying through their teeth it's for the patients. If it was, we wouldn't have 60 VPs making 600k a year for making terrible business decisions. People want Soliris cheaper? Cut executive population by 75%. But no, the same greedy, arrogant, ignorant people who are ruining the company will profit the most. Executives cashing out whole loads of stocks right before the layoffs? Yea, that's not shady. I hope an enormous and brutal investigation comes down on top of these so called leaders and outs them for the type of people they really are. CANNOT wait to be away from this company.

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Yes, greed. And greed in getting a bigger pipeline with Soliris. And pushing people on Ultomiris.

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You pretty much nailed it here - it's disgusting to watch this. Unbound greed and lies.

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