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I’m tired of people talking about they were laid off but not stating what department you are in! How is that information helpful?

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Okay troll we get it. We need to look for a new job and if we want our servance package you will make us sign a confidentially agreement or we will lose it. FYI. I am staying until I get my pink slip.

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@Po4u2RW-smo I guess I’m just nervous. The area I am in correspondence hasn’t seen one lay off. I feel for those whom are being affected and to the smart a-- below your post unfortunately it’s not so easy when you live in a town where there aren’t many job opportunities and you have dedicated so much time to this company not to mention people see Wells and automatically assume you were part of the problem. My nerves are bad and I feel like I am a sitting duck so the AU number is go to hell and my employee number is screw yourself. Have a great weekend.

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Funny, I find many posts on here saying where. Auto, marketing, lending, etc. Are you just fishing for something similar to your area? Yes it is a watch and wait kind of place right now. But need to put that aside and be a part of the change this place needs.

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How about also including AU and employee # so we know for sure you exist too? Look the bank is downsizing all over the place. Given the bad PR, the bank willl NEVER say anything about layoffs and everyone let go will be under gag orders to not divulge anything without risking their severance. Over the next 18 months, about 10% of the entire staff will be let go and that assumes revenue growth continues. If there's a drop in revenue then that percentage will go up to offset lower revenue.

If you are worried that your department may be downsized or you let go, then it's time to update your resume and get searching for a job now or call a headhunter. Don't wait to get called into a last minute meeting because after that, everyone in your department will be looking for jobs. Don't let this bank's problems control you. Take charge and get out of the day 2 day fear of job losses.

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