Thread regarding University of Phoenix layoffs

Listo of Closing University of Phoenix Campuses (September 2017)

Feel free to add if I am missing anyone:

  • Colorado (ALL)

  • Florida (ALL)

  • Michigan (ALL)

  • New Mexico (ALL)

  • Utah (ALL)

  • Augusta, GA

  • Chula Vista, CA

  • Columbus, GA

  • Costa Mesa, CA

  • El Paso, TX

  • Honolulu, HI

  • Oakland, CA

  • San Bernardino, CA

  • Tucson, AZ

  • Virginia Beach, VA

  • Washington, DC

  • Woodlands, TX

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This is music to my ears, the UoP is closing. The MBA I received was worthless I'm stuck with an increadible bill that I refuse to pay. It has not advanced my career one bit.

A completel embarrassment, I feel like I've been robbed of time and money. Loan forgiveness please.

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Reposting from another string:

I'm reading the last few posts - one from an arguably worried UoP graduate and two from insiders. Here are my 2cents. I worked for UoP for 2 years and left. Ran away to be more precise. I now work for a large, Fortune 100 company in recruitment (you guessed it, I was in Admissions at UoP). I can say with confidence that we do not 'acknowledge' a UoP degree if the degree is a requirement for the job. Sad, I know. UoP is not the only school on our 'do not hire' list. Are we missing some really good potential applicants? For sure. Do we really care? No. We get an average of 400+ resumes per opening. We find the people we need.

To the poster who is finding out that their degree is getting a 'junk' rating by the market? Deal with it. You may be smart and intelligent (please don't ever equate hardworking = good student, that is just poor logic) and you now will need an education from a 'good' school to signal that to employers.

Those 'top 10 reviews' from USNews are useless, just FYI. Go by the WSJ rankings. We do.

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Someone questioned in their post what will happen: "Nullify our degrees at the very least in the eyes of the public much less than hiring organizations?"

Way past that my friend. I can't count the number of organizations I know of that completely disregard any applicant with a UOP degree. A UOP degree is already a joke and most educational institutions want nothing to do with their former adjuncts.

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Sorry to see Orlando/Tampa go. Taught there over ten years.

I also am a graduate of UOPX. I wonder what will the repercussions if UOPX is finally hounded out of the educational community? What will that mean for the nearly one million graduates? Nullify our degrees at the very least in the eyes of the public much less than hiring organizations? I worked very hard for that diploma and would be inclined to want to sue the hounding that community for toying around with my life like that.

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Campus closures or as UOP is currently calling it teach out never stay open as long as the proposed campus timeline. So staff at those locations never last more than a year. The offer to work from home makes no sense since you have to be near a campus per DOE reg. Dont be stupid ask the right questions now. Call "teach out" locations at louisville ky, Mesa AZ, st louis MO, boston MA, Oregon, Charlotte and find out how long staff survived there..about 12 months

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Is the jersey city campus closing too?

Pls reply.

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How long does it take to "teach out" some of these locations?

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@2twt nothing to study here - it is a millenia old truck - get in bed with the ruler and sell overpriced or no-value goods to gullible folk - at some point folks figure out what is happening and stop buying. Game over.

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When will these campuses show up on ED's list of campus and site closings?

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It is just an amazing story of decline. the Detroit Campus once had about 5,500 students and Tampa once had about 2,500 students. The Apollo Group case study will likely be an important part of future MBA case studies.

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What physical campuses will be left? Can't be too many. What's the expected effect at corporate?

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