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WFB HR Layoffs, Online Tools and Outsourcing Work to India

Last week I was summoned into a meeting for HR team members. Long story short, Wells Fargo is letting go about 40% of us.

From what we were told in, Wells Fargo is discontinuing phone support for team members and managers.

All support for the bank will be done by online tools, forms, documents, etc. I have a feeling that most of the work that humans have to do will be routed to Wells Fargo India, there you have it.

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Downsizing HR department effects the team members directly. New system wait times to talk to HR Representative 30 plus minutes. Yet we are told on a daily basis that we are the most valuable asset to the Bank. Senior Management quit blowing smoke and leave already. Your presence is running this Bank to the ground. You all are centralizing all departments which should have been completed years and now you think you are the heros. All of you are incompetent. A experienced senior banker knows that a Bank needs to be centralized to properly monitor and eliminate risks. That is Banking 101. Where did all these irresponsible ideas come from? Obviously; you all still don’t get it. You all are not the hero’s you’re the destroyers. Again another dumb idea downsizing HR. Sensentive issues involving payroll; leaves of absences; employee retaliations and no one is there to answer the calls. Another lawsuit just waiting to happen.

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Where is Trump? Tax them for shipping our jobs over seas.

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It makes sense to offshore HR staff to India to prevent to prevent US employees from committing misconduct.

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WF has moved more than 22,000 jobs offshore with the bulk of those jobs moving in the last 12 months. This will accelerate as the bank aims for its 4B in savings. Just wait until the Trump administration hears of one major company moving jobs offshore.

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Old news. We know they keep shifting jobs to India. They are hiding it as pretty much all of our customers hate it - so, it has to be silent. We need to expose this scam, shipping American jobs overseas does not help anyone. The quality drops and the income generated here in the States drops, once there is less income here in the States, people spend less money and the adverse effects trickle down the economic value chain.

The only folks who benefit are executives.

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