Thread regarding Wells Fargo & Co. layoffs

When a CEO states they are cutting 2 billion in costs...

..the employee knows what is coming.

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Sloan pretty much confirmed her statement. Are you smoking the Wells Fargo weed again?

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Anyone watch senator Warren grill Sloan today? She asked him to explain how many people will be cut to save the $2B. She asked him if he would guarantee there would be no job cuts and he said NO! Anyone that believes there job is safe is looking at what management is planning. Big job cuts are coming with some before the holidays and a bunch early next year.

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The expense cut targets are just starting to be announced which means managers will start thinking about how they will cut expenses. At some point you have to cut staff to hit the $4B in savings plus cover the thousands of compliance people that have been hired

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Yeah, winter is coming. People keep spreading fear. We'll be fine.

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