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Bad apples still around

the bad bankers became managers and dm's, rp's....a lot of discrimination. .if you don't know anyone that could help you move up in the company then forget about it. .you won't become a manager because your fit for the job you will only get it if you know someone or willing to kiss a**..HR don't help at all and don't protect employees...WF will keep having problems if they keep same lousy managers and same lousy HR and recruiting team..they are so lost cause the leaders are crap didn't earn there positions

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You are delusional! Where I work you are based by merit and hard work! That is coming from a black woman working where the black to white ratio is 1 to 20. Maybe if you spent less time whining about diversity and actually worked you may get recognized. That just pissed me off!

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if you aren't a diverse candidate, then finding another position is damn tough. Has nothing to do with qualifications but the color of your skin or s-xual orientation. I have found it much easier to find a job at competitors than within WF. Really sad but it's what the diversity program has caused.

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Wells Fargo pushes the "Diversity" and required "volunteer" card bigtime, especially in the cost centers...Wells Fargo essentially requires team members to wear Wells Fargo t shirts to volunteer at events which is essentially free marketing and advertising for the bank and quite self serving. The Bank should focus on hiring people with the correct qualifications and focus on actual work, verses hiring people based off their gender and then broadcasting their "diverse" hiring practices in another self serving manner. If you focus on your work, arent "diverse" and arent volunteering and providing free advertising for wells, you will never be promoted. Its called the "Wells Fargo Diversity Glass Ceiling"

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I don't believe you worked at 4 others banks and have a 25 year long career. I have a 30 year Banking career in commercial lending. My background experience, with excellent outside references did nothing for me. I applied for Sr Business Banker, Workout officers, etc 60 plus times all with the same answer. It is not what you know but who you know. HR department said my qualifications were more than satisfactory. After all the turmoil I finally figured it out. Too experienced to do fraulent transactions, push products that would not benefit the customer or put up with an abusive manager.

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In my 25 year long career I worked in 4 banks. I can tell you that in Wells Fargo there is no discrimination. I can compare companies and Wells Fargo is by fart the best.

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