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Attrition thru the roof, no need for layoffs

I left on my own. I was fed up with high pressure for sales and all political BS that was taking place.

Our upper management pushes way too much onto managers who in turn get frustrated with employees, they try to make you get good numbers despite often horrible location and virtually zero new customers coming into the branch - plus - horrible marketing efforts and low marketing budgets...

So you're pushing sales on every customer that walks thru the door - even the regulars, folks that come in daily (oh, we had many of those)...

There are certain types of people that we'd try to sell to like crazy, and some types of people that we treat like our grand parents and we cater to every request.

The attrition at the branch was so high, people were quitting all the time and it would take us forever to find a new person to replace the one that took off... With attrition so high, PNC will never need layoffs - people are leaving on their own. I know they are cutting folks in corporate, etc. but that's not affecting branches.

Finally, raises were dismal to put it mildly, we hated it - every single one of us. I am talking pennies here.

Overall, it was not a good experience for me and I moved on - good luck to all who are still there.

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senior management mistakes 5 years ago have led to 2015 layoffs - i was one of the victims

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also, op, they tell you fairy tales about work life balance and in reality if you have a doctors appointment and need to leave 30 min early, they will shame you. this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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