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Gonna be a cold winter with no coat.

Got the email today about our winter uniform allotment. 3 shirts, 1 pullover sweatshirt, 1 zip up sweatshirt, 2 pairs of pants (Dickeys, not 5.11s), 1 stocking cap, 1 baseball cap and 3 long john shirts. No coat. No bibs. No coveralls. No rain gear. No outerwear of any kind. It's either going to be a warm, dry winter or you'll buy your own if you want to be warm. I'm glad I still have all my Optimum winter gear. Up next from the greedy [email protected] more Red Wing voucher.....we'll get a $20 Wal Mart boot voucher if any at all.

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Oakland gets what they got. Status quo

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We got 2 hoodies 1 jacket pants basically everything over here in the bK all good for now

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Damn that’s not right. I’d say call hr but I don’t know if we have any.

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OSP CT ...

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What department are you in that you were told that? We placed the order without a problem

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How about being told not to reply to the Uniform Email !??? That we ordered your stuff already ... really where’s my 1 hoodie !!! And thin cheap bell bottom pants !!!

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Jabba, any of your complaining make a difference yet

Simple answer: YES.

Elaborate answer: Complaining alone solves nothing. Taking proper collective action is what makes a difference. Just ask Brooklyn & Oakland shops. It's a crying shame the rest of the footprint couldn't see the light. Over the years, Cablevision/Altice management has done a successful job of keeping the entire workforce divided. In addition, they continue to prey upon our ignorance which will soon result in the end of us all.

God Bless.

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Billion dollar company and ats is having a pot luck for thanksgiving luncheon. If that doesn't scream we are the cheapest b*stards on the planet idk what does. Bringing in your own food to a company making tons of money, real classy.

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Jabba, any of your complaining make a difference yet?

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Agreed! Your an idiot if you don't have a hoard of clothes set aside from when the Dolans handed out uniforms like candy.

You do realize that there's a whole slew of techs that weren't around for Dolan's candy.

You can write off work clothes on your taxes, most people do.

so fūcking what! That's irrelevant to what the other guy was trying to say. Have you been paying any attention to what the hell's been going on here? Were you aware that Customer Service Reps have been buying their own headsets to use because Altice refuses to pay the vendor that initially supplied them?

Everyone need to understand that Altice is executing it's stated goal of cutting $900 million (by any freekin' means necessary).

What to expect in the coming weeks & months ahead

  • more capital consolidations leading to more workforce reductions

  • more benefits reductions

  • less uniform apparel issued

  • all ATS personnel to receive 1099 for 2018

  • incremental disbandment of ATS

  • Fat Barry's retirement

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Congratulations you just played yourself

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Oh yeah cablevision an the dolans knew how to dress their employees.

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You guys used to get 5.11s and rain gear?!

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We here are Altice strive to continue to give our field technicians everything that's required to do their job effectively.

That way, we'll continue deliver world class service to our ever declining customers.

Please be patient as we work out new contracts with all clothing vendors.

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Dont need their sh--. Jackets to bulky. Hi vis sweat jacket s---s. Instead of giving us useless sh-- how about saving our jobs. Gladly buy my own winter gear. An screw the boot voucher. I would prefer to wear what i want . And not have a choice of 4 boots. Dont worry them giving you gear is your christmas bonus. Merry christmas bunch of ho ho ho ho's.

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No jacket no exit truck. Everyone is getting laid off sooner or later anyway

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It takes a long time for bibs to wear out along with a jacket. Wear what you previously had I have more than enough stuff to get me through this winter. It's not the biggest deal. We previously got way more than enough with Cablevision. Keep your head up and keep looking for another job if your that unhappy.

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