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Tired of rampant nepotism at Dow Chemical

This is getting ridiculous. If you are looking to get ahead at Dow, first you have to wait for the management to hire and promote their entire family and friends, then MAYBE you'll be able to make your way a step or two (max) up. I wish I was exaggerating to make a point, but I am not. We literally have entire families working here. How? How is this legal? I don't understand. Add to this the fact that pay raises are based on peer review, and guess what happens? We need to hire and promote people based on merit, not familial or friend connections. Then maybe we will not need as many layoffs to begin with to solve the issues created by incompetent management.

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Oh it's nepotism , alright. When I worked there, I had one of the executives pressure me to hire his SECOND DAUGHTER. He already successfully had his first daughter hired, until she quit.

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At DOW currently. PHD Chick gets her unqualified kid hired on in a lead position.

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Going on everywhere, it's epidemic as of 2017.

And it's not exactly Nepotism, though it looks like it.

it's one big club, as opposed to actual friends and family. Now of course, family and friends will be in the club, but it's more than that.

All I will say.

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