Thread regarding MetLife Inc. layoffs

Unrealistic goals set by MetLife management

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of them moving the goals higher up and adding these caveats that make sure you fail even when you somehow manage to reach the goal? This is affecting everybody, even the top sales reps.

For example, the incentives system that focuses on premium goals. You can focus all your efforts on reaching the premium goal, but you will still get paid based on the number of new accounts you brought in. Basically, if you get to your goal through existing accounts, you are screwed.

Additionally, can we stop with all the layoffs that only make our quotas even higher? When people are let go of or they quit on their own - something I have been seeing more and more of - their quotas simply get added to the rest of us who are still here. We are not robots, and what is expected of us is getting closer and closer to not being humanly possible to achieve in our allotted time.

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