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Amgen has no vision

If you are a forward thinker with ideas, stay away from Amgen. In my three decades of work, I have never worked at a place that is so uncompromisingly stuck in its very outdated way of doing things. Everywhere else people who contributed new views and ideas are respected for their valuable contribution to forwarding the company. Not here. People who don't question authority and don't ask hard questions will fit right in, though. One of the most important things here is making sure to attend every meeting you can get to, whether or not you need to be there. Seriously?!?! Talk about wasting valuable time. The company has no vision, and apparently, no intention to develop one any time soon. I won't be surprised if more layoffs are announced soon, as I can't see anything good for Amgen's future in its current state.

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Warren Buffett has made it a point to only invest in companies with a vision and a policy of not having meetings unless they produce something (they rarely do).

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Over promoted managers that have never left Thousand Oaks and decades later are VPs with the same manager skill set from 1980 but with the ego of a VP.

If these people find theirselves in any other job with real VPs then they’re the VPs you see last <2 years leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

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What a great post. This sums up my 7 years here:

One of the most important things here is making sure to attend every meeting you can get to...

This is so true and everyone is doing it, meeting just to meet, committees, no decisions, analysis paralysis, OMG...

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