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Workload keeps increasing

I have to admit I used to enjoy working here. I still do to a point. Pay is decent, we get good benefits, and I work with bright and motivated people who are far from backstabbers I used to work with before I joined Dow. But man oh man are they pushing it when it comes to our workload. It creeps up, first an hour here and there, then you are expected to stay ten hours each day, and then you are lucky if you are doing less than 60 hours a week. It's very gradual, so you just wake up one day and realize that you've barely seen your family awake except on weekends for weeks. Most of this is a direct result of layoffs. The company lets go of people, and then distributes their workload among the rest of us. And it's reaching the point where I am not sure we can take any more without breaking. I'm not sure if I'm dreading next layoffs more because of a chance of being let go or because of a chance that I'll be the one who stays...

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And with Dow's new shift work ( rotating shifts ) we can plan on dying 4-5 years sooner than normal. This will save the company an enormous amount of money should you die off sooner, saving them roughly 4 years of pension payout.

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I would definitely fear staying with Dow for the long term more than being let go. You are not alone. Probably 90 percent of the hourly force feels this way!

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