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Layoff Lesson #1: this is how it is executed

you get called to a designated area (conference room, etc) and your direct supervisor has a script. “as you know, blah blah blah” then they shut up and the HR rep explains your exit package which at this point is next to nothing. your supervisor sits there like a silent dummy the whole time uncomfortable.

you’re then asked if you have any mattel property that needs to be returned and after you sign the papers for any severance they may offer, you are escorted out.

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I was axe'd from IT. I was only given a 2 paycheck package so it's an absolute disaster for me.

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What departments are being hit? I heard IT (again).

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Anything go down In EA today?

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Is it mostly happening in the tower, or are people in the design center getting the axe too?

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Sorry I can't say anything about the formula because of an agreement I signed. It is generous in my situation and I'm a bit older than the average employee I see riding in the elevator. I've only been here for a relatively short time. I should be able to find a new job with the money they gave me no problem and unemployment starts in Jan. Hopefully you all made it past the cliff in the PIP retirement contribution and 401k match. I think it is 3 years. If you survive this week, you may be okay. Look for the guys walking around with the yellow badges on the HR floor. It's the reaper. You get taken down the stairs to see the reaper.

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How much is M-Go and RD and rest of senior management paying themselves this year for sinking a company??

Happy Holidays from a company that makes TOYS... You’re all unemployed! Though senior management will surely have a warm full merry Christmas

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To the person who got terminated (two comments below), can you share with us what your severance package was? this is anonymous.... thanks!

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I got terminated. I think it is sort of an assembly line. HR and the boss talk to you and you get your walking papers. Then you go to a transition guy who try's to tell you about resume services etc. They have some standard formula's that are pretty generous in my situation. Mattel is having a hard time and they are pretty good to the employees. The problem is that they may not be laying off the correct people. Higher management may need to be laid off before it can bring about meaningful change. Mattel is really nice place to work for the most part. I also like the people. Too bad the company is not doing well. One of the things that is a problem is that their are so many rules it really slows things down. I'm thinking it is for the best. Maybe you all can find a situation working for a company just as good as Mattel but with less rules and growth. Good luck.

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Happening in EL SEGUNDO RIGHT NOW!!!

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Where are the cuts happening?

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My supervisor never showed up for my terminatiin....made the HR guy squirm through the whole ordeal.

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Just try to get a conf room booked. When they’re all strangely booked by people you don’t know that’s a sign it’s happening.

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I think a lot of people land in a better place, with better pay and less stress. It may seem bad at the time but it often works out for the best. And no not all industries are shrinking.

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I was ex Mattel staff and those who handled my layoff were being layoff as well!

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Spot on. As someone who was let go few years back, this is how it went down. Immediate manager or Director calls you to come to their office. HR is there with your manager/Director. Manager/Director gives their spiel then HR tells you this is your final paycheck if you want severance sign and mail back.

All that being said, thanks for the paid vacation Matt-hell. Landed a better gig with better hours and pay.

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