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Couldnt sleep coz of tmr...


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Lmao it doesnt matter who they let go. It doesnt change the garbage thats out on the market. It's like firing the garbage man, you're left with a heap of $#!+. Your leadership is crap. Your designers are crap, hence your product is crap. Doesnt take a fortune teller. Headlines read "Biggest Loser". Ha.

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Any Director or VPs laid off today?

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Hasbro thing is not true. But what IS true is people are being laid off RIGHT NOW in El Segundo. About 50 people will lose their jobs today or tomorrow in El Segundo. HR is very busy having their mini-meetings.

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Hasbro rumor is BS

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Canned at ES. So long, thanks for the wonderful experience!

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Where do most of the layoffs appear to be happening?

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Yep, they got me today too. Peace out...

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No, the ES campus is not getting shut down. Whoever posted that is an idiot.

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Sounds like someone is stirring the pot. If we were selling to Hasbro I think the company would include that little piece of news to maybe....the entire comepany and not just one campus.

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Seriously? Is everyone in El Segundo getting let go?

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I got canned today - anyone else?

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Is that serious????

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Just heard - they had a company meeting in El Segundo and announced they're selling to Hasbro and that the ES campus is being shut down as of Feb 1, 2018. RIP

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Keep us updated please!

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They should clear out your office of dorards.

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What about NYC?

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yes heard today in ES. imagine other campuses will also get hit

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Now? Where? Here in EA?

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It's showtime.

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