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start promoting from the inside

i really wish sprint would start promoting from the inside. we have so many good people who know this company inside-out with experience and expertise to go with it, and yet they are never the ones who make it up the chain.

nope, what we get are outsiders who have no idea what we do, don't know our processes, but who always have these "great" ideas that keep breaking over our backs.

oh, and they always come ready to secure their position by lying and backstabbing anybody they consider a possible threat. if the company is wondering why employee morale is so low, they should not look any further than this.

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Why should they promote the incompetent when there are so many more qualified business people out there? Sprint has lots of opportunities....reporting, compensation, retail systems just to name a few. Sprint needs experienced people instead of the trash that is being passed. We need to get away from "this is how it's always been done" to "how can we do it better"!

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Careful what you wish for. Sprint can set people up to fail by giving a "promotion" to team lead for a unknown team in an effort to cover up for a favored employee's screw-up. If you unwittingly accept something like this, they give you the throwaways, cast-offs and trouble makers as team members to further your frustration, along with the ton of fixes from messed up data (that is "too boring" for the team members). Suppose that can happen anywhere, but Sprint seems to be the cesspool for this.

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