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Old-school thinking is keeping us behind

Not being able to truly commit to change is what's keeping Liberty Mutual behind and what's causing an increasing number of layoffs. If we actually implemented in practice what we preach in theory, we'd come out on top.

But nope. For example, why do people think we can have a successful so called "Digital Transformation" when the people behind it all subscribe to old-school thinking? We'd like to be leaders in innovation when it comes to insurance but without actually changing anything in the way we do things. Yeah, that's gonna work out.

Getting stuck in the past is going to be our downfall, mark my words.

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Spot on. This is going to be another LMS like failure due to leadership not putting their money where their mouth is.

People in management positions have a shallow and distorted view of agile methodology. They fail to adopt the meaningful parts and still have a “command and control” approach beneath the superficial trappings of agile methods.

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While I agree ydo, I do not see it ever happening... It would require some common sense from those on top and I am pretty sure they do not have any...

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agreed, agile is a face-lift, nothing else. if we want to be tech-forward company we have to change our senior leadership first. get strong tech leadership on board and make sure they have same say as business leadership. then we might see some progress.

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