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Pure Storage Still Not Cashflow Positive

Overall Pure Storage has year over year of growing -30+ million in cash flow negative. Currently, this means they are now at 245 million in the red per year and this amount is growing as well.

Pure Storage Net Income Cash Flow:

2014 - -78.56M

2015 - -183.23M

2016 - -213.75M

2017 - -245.06M

2017 was to be the year of the Flash Blade and resounding sales to boost the money and profits... but data shows the continued trend of losing money...

And below we can take into effect the company's current cash stockpile...

Pure Storage Net Cash:

2015 - 465.43M

2016 - 248.51M

2017 - 163.3 M

So given the above; the company is now losing 253 million dollars a year and year over year they've grown the amount of money they're losing by 30 million (not decrease it). Also, the cash reserves are now 163 Million which wouldn't cover their year's worth of losses even at 2015, 2016 or 2017 results.

From here; financially the company cannot keep progressing as is as they are completely unprofitable and losing money. Given the fact they also have small competitors who do the same thing (for less), larger competitors who eventually catch up to special things Pure Storage does (and has a lot more vendor support for a wide range of products); it's questionable how Pure Storage can proceed and remain a valid business in the industry.

They're burning cash and either a mass exodus, layoffs, firings are imminent provided current information. This is because the people are already leaving as they know what's happening and the cash cows have already profited. To proceed means even less "work life balance" which will all but disappear and all the amazing perks/culture internally will change or go away.

Given the culture change (no more free snacks, food, vacations, trips, computers/upgrades will be locked (except for their all-stars who will continue to be glorified), 401k doesn't exist as well as the fact the company will lose health coverage); the company is now going further into the red as they lose money. The best or good people will find new positions elsewhere for other companies with great pay/options and then not have to contend with the issues they currently have at Pure Storage.

Provided a mass exodus of staff from unprofitable stock as well as a loss of culture, the company will either want mass exodus or perform the "layoffs" Intel style in which they randomly go through offices to get rid of employees for any number of reasons (valid or not).

Sad ultimately but for me, I have to sell my stock and I would recommend anyone else to do so now while it's up as it's only going to get worse. A culture change is imminent bare minimum beyond either layoffs, furlough, unpaid wages or of course mass exodus as these combine together; it's sad it's been a fun company to work for but I'm truly not optimistic.

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My numbers are down considerably from previous years. It is getting harder to make the sales now, everyone wants Nutanix or Dell VxRail, heck we just lost to Nimble even though they are treading water over at HP. I am going to Cohesity/Rubrik, a spot just opened up.

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