Thread regarding Mattel Inc. layoffs

So...all done?

No more?

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FP remains untouched and far superior to you west coast superficial fools. learn how to read the writing on the wall. ES is the albatross. FO is the phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Yeah, can see how FP is such a star. Call their CS, you can experoence just how well they have it all good luck!

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FP is the only shining light in this dismal sky called Mattel. They are safe. ES is getting a much overdue enema.

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What about FP? Find it hard to believe they wouldn’t be hit too.

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Enjoy a nice weekend, next week will be MOA and MSC

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I know of 2 today here at AG. But there was also 1 last month

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False alarm at AG? I only heard about 1 person. anyone else hear more??

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AG give us an update

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you all have my heartfelt sympathy and a wish for a better tomorrow.

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I know how you feel 20 years,

I have been at Matte 20+, I don't regret staying, most of the time I loved coming to work. Now I'm excited to move on to another chapter of my life. I actually hope I get laid off.

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Happening at AG....

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I get the feeling AG won't get hit until March...anyone else getting that vibe?

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20 years of service so am assuming I'll get my walking papers. Trying to tell myself that I've come to terms with it. The way I see it, either my title is going, my entire building, or just me for staying so long...

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In the past layoffs were conducted over the course of several hours with an all's clear meeting held shortly after to let all the bodies that remained they had successfully dodged the proverbial bullet. Swift and decisive. It seems the new leadership is employing a new tact, cleverly incorporating the company mantra WONDER as in, "I wonder if and when these ongoing layoffs will finish?"

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The usual distribution center was raped. Of the last two, one will never be touched and the other is protected by the idiot who thought it was a good idea to outsource. Good luck hitting those sales quotas! Praise-be to the money put in PA!

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Nothing at AG yet.

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Nothing in EA today, maybe tomorrow?

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Any layoffs at the Distribution Centers?

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This is a big week for layoffs, but the culling is never over under this new regime. Likely to continue well into 2018. Happy New Year!

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I just got the new 'Millennial' layoff package, which entitles me to two years of coping therapy, a life coach, and free Peet's coffee and cell phone charging for life.

HR and my supervisor bullied me out of the company. Now let's OCCUPY THE TOWER! Oh, I can I my badge back...?

Anybody have M-Go's contact info and home address? I'd love to send her a Christmas gift. While you're in your rolodex, please share phone numbers, email & home addies for RD and everyone on the BoD! Christmas is the season to give back!

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YOU'RE the LOSER if you think that's who is getting laid off.

History has shown us that it the Losers they KEEP.

If they kept the productive and the intelligent, Mattel wouldn't be in this much trouble.

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1/2 hour until the bloodbath continues in ES! hope the put a slip n slide by the exit doors so we can watch the losers slide away into oblivion!

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I haven't heard news of layoffs at AG in Wisconsin...but I have very little doubt they're coming and it's going to be bad.

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Conference rooms are booked all week. Hold on to your hats kids.

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They ran out of time today due to some people taking too long to usher out the door. A coworker was told they would be let go later this week after they caught up in other buildings first here at ES.

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Not in your "Wildest Dreams...," according to Barb...

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