Thread regarding Mattel Inc. layoffs

I was axe'd from IT.

I was only given a 2 paycheck package so it's an absolute disaster for me.

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I heard there were a few from IT that got cut.

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Anything going on today? Everyone is so quiet

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I'm in IT and was an EE and the package was more generous than 2 paychecks. I did talk to a contractor and he said they were letting his contract run out and that was his notice. I think Mattel usually does better than the average when it comes to treating EEs fairly in my limited experience. When I look around at the other things I have seen, Mattel seems to be well above average. I'm sorry that this has happened to you. But the IT job market is great now and Mattel has a very rough road ahead. It is likely you will be better off in the near future.

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that is the latest mattel way. used to be a percentage per year with an additional insurance payout. now your getting teamed in the back door dry while being pushed out.

been saying this for a while. dumb chumps.

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Did you work for Mattel or WiPro?

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how long have you worked there?

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