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pfizer hr is useless

be very careful of pfizer hr. don't assume for one second that they will have your back if you need their help. their main goal is to protect the company, and they've proven it over and over again.

i made a mistake once on approaching them about a manager who was making my working days hell, they ended up warning him and sweeping my complaint under the rug. you can imagine how that worked out for me in the end.

a friend who is a manager in another department also complained about how lousy hr is when it comes to filling positions. she said she can't get anybody good because they keep scaring off all the good candidates. like hr, like company, i guess.

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I can validate it continues; did the same thing. two weeks later I had a conference call with HR and my bosses boss. Pfizer preaches integrity but senior management is anything but -

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You actually believe HR is there for employees?

First clue: They get paid by the company, not the employees.

HR's job is to quell disruptions and make employees feel like they have a voice, when they don't.

Sorry this is news to you.

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