Thread regarding Intuit Inc. layoffs

We need layoffs

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I firmly believe we need layoffs. However, we need layoffs that will actually help the company by getting rid of unnecessary fat, instead of the ones that get rid of good employees whose only fault is their hard-earned pay.

As the things are right now, we have too many people working on the same thing, especially at the top. This leaves us with no clear leaders. We need to lose some major fat in mid to upper management to help Intuit regain direction.

There're also people who are not afraid of admitting they do nothing. They just drift through the day until somebody specifically tells them what to do. Once that's done, rinse and repeat. Why can't we get rid of those people and save those who actually do their jobs and show some initiative?

Intuit's problem are not layoffs themselves, it's getting rid of the wrong folk. Fix this, and we fix the company.

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