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It gets better

I was part of the 2015 layoffs, and while I truly sympathize with everyone being impacted (including those whose job becomes that much more difficult by having to do more with less), I wanted to let you know that there is indeed life at Mattel, and for me and most people, it’s a great one.

After leaving Mattel, I started my own business, and most importantly, I feel more respected as a designer/creator. I am healthier and happier and feel stronger because I took more control of my life and my decisions

In some ways, I thank the layoff for helping me push myself in a new direction. It took time for me to get this place, and you can’t rush it, but I promise you things will get better.

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Being let go from mattel is like being released from a long prison stint and being lucky enough to avoid being raped. enjoy the freedom and the comfort of not having a prolapsed rectum.

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+1, was let go in 2015, it was rough. 6 months later i was in a much better position and things fell into place.

i'd never go back...

i wish you all the best.

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Don’t forget to proudly anounce during your interviews that you were an integral part in releasing into the wild the Fat Barbie, Jihad Barbie, and Monster High Bush. Oh and Old Lady Gaga, whose a zombie even without the MH makeover. Losers.

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I agree with the original poster. Don’t despair. I was laid off and within a few months ended up in a higher paying and more interesting job, in a company that is doing well, and where I am more respected. And most others i know in same situation have done better too once they left. There are so many interesting jobs out there with positive work environments where your skills are valuable. Good luck!

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You are absolutely right!! Move on and be much happier!!

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It's what everyone there needs to do. Grow the fuc|< up.

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Wow, what a great post. You have inspired me.

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