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Executives making decisions about layoffs are clueless

The executives making the decisions about these layoffs are clueless. They get rid of very talented people who know the business and the systems, and then wonder why there’s a system outage daily. When they need an expert to fix an issue, someone then figures out that NM laid off the employees who could fix the issue. This is very frustrating to watch.

So much this, @PrgkD0h-1aodi. Saving some money by getting rid of experienced employees who earned more to replace them with younger and cheaper employees who have no idea how to do this job is costing the company in the long run. The small savings they made are getting swallowed up by costs incurred due to the same decision. And yet, instead of learning their lesson, they'll simply solve the problem with - you guessed it - more layoffs.

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NM outsourced the entire ETCC staff for 2nd, 3rd, and weekend shift. This has caused nothing but problems, and 2 management leaders have already left because of it. NM has been forced to keep back some NM employees on those shifts to help manage the lack of experience and knowledge from contractors in India.

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Wednesday 1/31 people were standing outside the South building with a sign stating the Northwestern Mutual exploits employees. The sign said to call the CEO and let him know that this is wrong.

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Google Northwestern Mutual Layoffs. Go to Lots of interesting comments about what is going on. Company wants "lifers" out. And yes they are older folks.

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That is correct. They are hiring younger and cheaper employees to do the work. To add insult to injury, in some cases the NM employee is training their replacement before they are shown the door. So sad that a company known as "the pillar of the community" is treating people like this.

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