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This was low, even for Mattel

Laying people off this close to Christmas is especially low, even for the soulless train-wrack Mattel has become. Did they wait for the worst possible moment to do this?

Not to mention, layoffs are the last thing Mattel needs right now. Without thorough change in direction, the company will see a small profits bump from the layoffs for one quarter, and then it will be back to same old, same old.

In the end, all these ruined holidays and lives will be for nothing.

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so i left the company 6 years ago to work as an ex pat and then stateside with a few companies on the west coast. A couple of days ago my old manager, now a VP of design hits me up and asks of i’d be interested in coming back in a much higher role then before. needless to say I burst out laughing over the phone and his response was “well that was uncalled for and unprofessional.” I replied with a thank you and explained that uncalled for and unprofessional was how mattel has been handling itself as of late and I want no part of it. Only a fool would take a job there now.

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A long legacy of poor leadership and a terrible board. Hopefully Hasbro will take ownership and fix it. No hope with the current group.

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The place needs to be gutted. It’s not a fixer upper, its a complete teardown. Esp., when it’s infested with rats. Don’t be a slum lord. Hire more qualified managers and directors. Actual people who know how to utilize talent. Not abuse their “tenorship” or “connections” to threaten the poor sap designers. That place is run by ignorance and fear. There is no creative spirit or talent left. Just sad sad desperate losers. Google it. “Mattel Biggest Loser.”

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It’s true. I’ve witnessed it for years. It’s not talent that moves you up. It’s how far your tongue can go up your managers hole. Oh and HR has never done anything to stop this.

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“Chocolate Starfish? Human Centipede?” By golly george sally and bob! We just came up with new MH characters!” - Upper management

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Sorry not sorry. That place is heartless and has always been. Full of losers who never had it good in life so they made a little place for themselves under that rock called upper management. No need for talent at that level. There lives are pathetic outside of that institution so they rely on their title to abuse their powers. The @ss kissing designers have no choice but to lick their chocolate starfishes and hope for protection. If you’re a designer there and proud, you’re a [email protected] fool- and wipe your nose, there’s a piece of $hit on the tip of it. And those that get promoted and protected are the ones with brown lips and no gag reflex. Only way to the top- its a human corporate centipede.

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It's a company no one in their right mind would want to be part of.

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