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Can't get more with less

Why does management at Rent-A-Center think they can run the company the same way they did twenty years ago? We desperately need to evolve, not stay stuck in the "good-old-days" that weren't always that good, either.

One thing they can't seem to commit to, though, is a proper staffing model. They keep cutting hours, cutting people, and yet they expect to see better results after that. It's simple math, you can't get more with less!

Rein in your expectations and give us proper resources to work with. THEN maybe you can see some of the results you keep expecting but do nothing to achieve.

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They could get rig of the lackluster management with horrible people skills. Managers don’t get up to speak with the customers when they come in and treat employees as if they don’t read or aren’t the least bit educated. They don’t care about phony numbers as long as you put them up. It’s like a bootleg Enron thing going on there. But as long as you have the showroom floor pretty and festive, it’s all good! Piece of sh!t company.

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