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Concord is nothing more than a shell of its former self

Once, Concord was a decent alternative to traditional law schools.....but since it can no longer recruit students from outside of California, and since it therefore laid off 4/5ths of its faculty and staff, it is nothing more than a shell of its former self. Only a total fool would go to Concord Law School will surely close sometime in the near future, if, for no other reason than the Purdue purchase of Kaplan (which owns Concord), will require it to be closed down. But whatever Purdue does or doesn't do, Concord is, simply put, worthless.

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In the story on "Above The Law," Concord was said to have a bar pass rate of only 16%. Apparently, this was after the faculty layoff. How unsurprising. Hard to believe that the school is actually still enrolling students.....but I guess that there are still stupid people with pipe dreams of becoming an attorney "the easy way." Thing is, there is NO easy way, online or not.

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That's all just another demonstration of how completely incompetent the management of Kaplan and Concord Law School are. They can't keep students' financial aid accounts straight, can't keep good faculty, can't get ABA accreditation for their now-20-year-old law school (which now must be regarded as an abject failure). Purdue is buying a big albatross to hang around its neck.

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