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Shhhhhh. There’s no point in this mindless bickeringatu

The numbers say it all. Plunging to junk status. I wonder if the next low points are steaming pile of crap status and desperate no where to go but down with the ship status. This whole thing is more fun than any piece of garbage you put out in market. You can’t mutter the words creative or talent at that place without hearing a loud GUFAW. That place wreaks of desperation. Hope you have an awesome holiday party- the assembly of the saddest losers of the toy world. I don’t even want to use the word toy. You losers created political instruments. Idiot. “Oh look at me” I have a high IQ because my Barbie if fat and none of the Moschino Barbie clothes fit on her. Just get a cow hide and wrap it around the doll. At least it wpuld be in its own skin. Lol guy talking about IQ when a Jihad Barbie exists. Do you put little gold stars by your name when you get home?

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Look, the bickering is the result of years of a lopsided business model that is unable to sustain itself. We can all complain about the management team, etc. but the company has never lacked talent - even now. The issue is that when your #1 profit generator fails and declines, and the rest of your brands make half the margin of #1, then finance has no where else to go but raise prices and margin requirements for what's left. In the real world this makes no sense, as the consumer is not in on the plan and won't ever buy into it, but on a balance sheet it makes sense - for a short time.

If you're on the outside and enjoying a new career, then BRAVO! But if you're just slinging mud, then what's the purpose? What is it REALLY going to change?

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