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The loonie is running the asylum in East Aurora.

Good luck with that.

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For the person who said "Doesn't anyone who lives in buffalo count as a loonie? who wants to live with that kind of winter? fools! that's who!". You are obviously from the land of the plastic and shallow personalities. You choose to live in LA? WHY might I ask? Fires, earthquakes, commutes that s--- the life out of you on a daily basis and people you can't trust... ever. That's a fun way to live isn't it? I will take Buffalo any day of the week. It's obvious you haven't a clue about what you are saying, just like most of the people that comment on this site. You are all a joke. Maybe if you put as much time in either your job search or making your situation tolerable, then maybe you wouldn't be trolling on this site 24/7. Go get a life.

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Too much mumbo jumbo smoke and mirror jargon. Everything in this company always needs to be a buzzword in order the make the higher ups nether regions tingle with delight, makes them feel like they're on the cutting edge because some presenter is using a word that they don't really understand and feel magically invigorated by it. pathetic.

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J Mac stayed long enough to give S Craig the boot so it wasn't a total loss

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They call her Cupcake or Sprinkles because her previous job was as an exec for a chain of Cupcake bakerys. J Mac just up and vanished, rumored to have health problems. After being AWOL for the better part of a year we got the typical notice that she was leaving to peruse other opportunities.

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FP could use more revenue, but where it lacks is in profit. This can easily be fixed by developing a range of products that have less features and lower pricepoints, rather than the grow-with-me premise that worked in the 90's. The market has shifted and V-Tech has capitalized by developing less expensive products that have less features and avoid the grow-with-me pitfall.

Parents don't WANT nor will ever USE a product for more than 6 months, so why build it? Grow-with-me worked as a method to describe value, but now that mentality is changing and FP needs to change with it.

As for Ms. Cupcake - she simply doesn't know what she's speaking of because she's never been involved in a true CPG company. The "Connected Community" line is fine, but she MUST draw a direct line from every penny spent to increased sales and profitability. Otherwise, she's just a wannabe and we've no time or patience for it.

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Former FP exec J-mac left the company 9 months ago

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You mean J-Mac is large & in charge?

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That's great for BabyCenter and their parent Johnson & Johnson, but I'm missing what this has to do with Fisher-Price or Mattel.

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Elevator pitch:

1) Moms would rather surf their phones then play with their child.

2) Moms would rather chat with their friends then play with their child.

3) Yet, moms are experiencing strong guilt as they neglect their child.

BabyCenter solves this. It the premier guilt free surf and chat experience because it is for your child's benefit.

-You're welcome.

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Since you proportedly have such a "developed creative and imaginative mind" please do enlighten all us Luddites to how such a "Connected Community" might exist as related to the FP brand. Just a general elevator pitch outline will suffice. I'd honestly like to be shown the light on this matter because I just cant see it. Thanks in advance.

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When the internet was first conceived the response was: Wft?

When cell phones were first conceived the response was: Wft?

Now as we embrace connected communities of consumers the response is... drum roll!

I'll let you in on a little secret: the current model no longer works. A pivot is needed.

Those with a developed creative and imaginative mind will see and embrace the vision.

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"Connected Communities" give us a break. Appears to be Marketing B.S. jargon that the new GM of FP ( miss cupcake) is spouting. FP will be the best survivor in the Mattel train wreck. Company needs improvement in business development plan and leadership, not marketing jargon. Current leaders seem to be way too late and are losing on a large scale measured in hundreds of millions of dollars.

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"Connected communities of consumers? Wtf is that supposed to mean?"

I'm sorry but babies and toddlers who use our products do not participate in "connected communities" and their parents who buy them have their own "connected communities" that cater to their interests. Can you honestly imagine an online forum, like, for example, NewGAF (an online videogame enthusiasts community) or BabyCenter (an online community for new parents), based around enthusiasm for FP toys and brand?

I can't see it.

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I don't think you understand why unicorns, as in startup companies, are named after unicorns, as in the mythical creature.

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Okay now I see you're just trolling. Onward!

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"If you eliminate all the app and web based tech startups..." "other then adopting a scrappy startup mentality." This is exactly what we need to do! Why eliminate our best paths forward? Name one unicorn that did not take this approach? We will have unicorns 10X.

"Connected communities of consumers? Wtf is that supposed to mean?" Sorry, but if you have to ask, it means you are too old to relate to today and tomorrows consumer.

" doubling that will be a great boon for her predictions but we'll still be in the dumps." That is why we need 10X. That is why I said she was waaaay too conservative.

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No, she was suggesting that if, for example FP sales were 1 billion dollars in 2017, according to her strategy she's projecting 2021 sales to be 2 billion.

I'm less incredulous about the goal as I am about the path to get there. As someone said below, I sat through her entire presentation and I couldn't for the life of me tell you how she plans on reaching that 2X goal. Connected communities of consumers? Wtf is that supposed to mean?

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Seriously. The amount of smoke blown up our collective buns is going to give the lot of us rectal cancer. By 2020 our revenue stream will be valued at what? 2%? 5%? so doubling that will be a great boon for her predictions but we'll still be in the dumps.

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You must be joking with the "startup culture succeeds". Over 90% of startups dont last more then 5 years, and that's with VC money pouring in searching for the next Unicorn. If you eliminatef all the app and web based tech startups and focused in on only consumer products focused startups I'm sure that success rate shrinks even more.

Negativiy may not spawn creativity, but then again neither does bullsht. Please elaborate on how you think we grow the business to 10X the size, other then adopting a scrappy startup mentality. I'd really like to hear your thoughts.

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A word to all the haters here: Negativity does not spawn creativity. I actually thought she was waaaay too conservative. The market has not vanished, it is simply shifting. This is a fashion industry, play your cards right and you can increase not 2x, but 10x. We can pivot, but we need the right attitude. Startup culture succeeds because they have grit, passion and put in loooong hours. Many in EA simply need to look in the mirror and make a change.

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She's so clearly in over her head you almost feel bad for her.

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This afternoon the President of FP called a Town Hall meeting and spent the better part of an hour outlining what has to be the one of the most incoherent business strategy ever conceived. I challenge anyone who was there to explain it to me, I honestly could not follow all the ridiculous charts and graphs and hand-waving. My only take away was that it will somehow result in, wait for it, the doubling of our revenue by 2020. Not stabilizing the current downward trend, not projecting 10% or 20% or 30% growth. No, x2 growth. As the OP said, good luck with that. Can we please get a serious person in charge? This woman is not a serious leader.

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Doesn’t anyone who lives in buffalo count as a loonie? who wants to live with that kind of winter? fools! that’s who!

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