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The Irony of Pantone 219C

How ironic that Barbie pink (Pantone 219C) is also the official color of "pink slip" firing notices? In better days, that color created so many careers here. Now it is ending careers. Way to myopically manage the brand, "upper management"! Bet you'd love to have the billion or so dollars back that you blew on the pointless Bratz lawsuit. If you hadn't been ruled by fear and had such a crushing stranglehold on IP, you could have created the inevitable Bratz for Mattel and we would have been up several billion by now. But in your closed-minded "wisdom", you choked it off, causing the whole debacle and choking Mattel in the process. Well done! Give yourselves a huge Christmas bonus! Pity you lack the good sense to be embarassed.

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Its more like 210

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True that. If upper MISmanagement HAD read the tea leaves and accepted that Barbie was a tired hag, and they HADN'T constantly stolen money from other brands to artificially prop up Barbie, and if innovation WASN'T just another RD buzzword, and if Mattel DID reinvest in R&D, and DIDN'T cookie-cutter new products... but I don't want to go off on a rant. Merry Christmas to M-Go, RD, CS and the other reactionaries up top. So proud to have you leading the charge into 2018. So looking forward to your Q4 report!

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