Thread regarding Mattel Inc. layoffs

Choose your fuel and feed your actions.

Some observations from one point of view:

  1. We work for a public, for-profit company going through hard times. Period. It’s simply the truth.

  2. Financial declines are not one-person’s fault. How would that even be possible? We’re a multi billion-dollar company with a presence all over the world. The successes and declines are a result of the market, the business, demand, fickle tastes, and on and on. Blaming one person isn’t fair.

  3. We all own the business. If you hold a single share of stock, you’re an owner. Act like a stakeholder or not. Stand for the happiness we bring children and parents or don’t. Speak constructively and respectfully or not. As an owner, you choose how to shape your business. It sounds cliche, but it’s true.

  4. A few choices sit in front of us: we can do our best, we can check out, or we can be a naysayer and accelerate a downward spiral by suppressing others or by blocking ideas that solve problems. These behaviors aren’t simply in-office habits: where we sit the longest deserves an honest look, both in the office and in our personal lives.

  5. If you’re unhappy, go find your happiness. It might be within you. It might need to be dug out. It might be across town. If every unhappy person left the organization to find a more satisfying path, just imagine the culture shift.

  6. Be brazen: these are hard times, but let’s get serious: businesses turn themselves around all the time. Why are we any different? Giving up is so silly. Challenge business-smashing statements or behaviors as you see them arise. These acts are how we slowly turn this around into the magical collection of brands the world sees in us.

  7. Can we please have some fun? Wherever we are, you know we’re all in this together. Laugh. Be honest and ask for help. Break down your wall. What is there to lose? It feels so good to write such a pollyanna statement. Because you know what? People who have fun devise creative solutions and build happy morale. Consumers are attracted to happiness.

  8. Be kind. Find your happiness; whether you’re a current/former/prospective team member or simply someone stopping by to read these entertaining messages!

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Man the negativity here is outrageous! I am all pumped and ready to turn this place around! If you can't handle being on team progress, maybe it's time to think about another team? All positive guardian warriors unite, and lets overcome these puny naysayers and their pathetic loosing attitudes!

I choose the FUEL! Feeding ACTION now!

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Dilly Dilly!

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Did any of the bozos running the asylum get the boot?

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I’m an average, everyday employee who simply believes anything is possible!

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Look this pep talk would go a long way if it was practiced by the upper management. You can’t have a set of rules for the rest of us while the rest of you (and you know who you are that wrote this) adhere to a different set.

You’re saying to the rest of us to s--- it up and work harder while you and your cronies commit wholesale looting of the company on its way down. Poignant.

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Thanks for the pep talk RD!

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"If every unhappy person left the organization to find a more satisfying path, just imagine the culture shift."

Thanks for that HR.

Better to imagine if the people who caused the unhappiness left the organization?

The smug, sarcastic, self-important scum that "lead" this organization are a grand collection of horrible human beings.

Many of the talented, hardworking, caring co-workers we have cherished working with over the years have been let go. Some for no other reason than they are at a point in their careers where they have earned a position where they make more money than some kid with a fresh MBA.

Our "leaders" have chosen to disregard the experience of these "grey hairs" and kicked them to the curb. Their snotty, self-indulgent replacements don't have a clue. So the top line suffers, reflected in the bottom line. But our "leaders" try to fake The Street by trying to prop up the bottom line in the worst way possible.

Sadly, our BOD have not provided the oversight needed for decades. We have installed three consecutive CEOs who haven't had the formula. Hell, they didn't even understand the game. A fish rots from the head.

Let's start by letting the entire BOD find somewhere else to make them happy. We all know who else at the pointy end of the pyramid needs a new view. Let's bring in TOY EXPERTS to help run this TOY COMPANY. HR, you know where to find them. You have their contact info from when you handed them their severance.

Let's have respect for each skill set. Designers should run Design (NOT Marketing people).

Sending all our Engineering offshore killed the required interaction between Design, Marketing, and Reality. Bring some of this home. It will pay in the end.

Invert the pyramid. Best way to save money every week, and that reduction in overhead will allow better products for the same margins. Not to mention it's the best way to get great product to market without some ego sticking their know-nothing fingers into the pie.

Much of this is self evident, but it can't be done when THE PROBLEMS are making the decisions.

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Hear hear!

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