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I’ve been with Rent-A-Center for a little over a year. It’s all I could handle. Store managers and above show no concern for their employees. All they care about are the numbers. To them, sales equals bonuses.

I’ve been forced to work my entire shift without a lunch break. I’ve been told at the end of my shifts to clock out, wait 30 minutes then clock back in - and out once again to satisfy company policy.

I’ve witnessed Managers who have deceived customers by telling them that merchandise has only had a single owner when in truth it has had multiple ones. Returned items are very seldom cleaned, making it a health issue for future customers.

Another downside of working here is the promises they made but never kept. I pushed myself daily to reach sales goals every week however, not once have they made me feel appreciated. There is a lot of favoritism, who gets what and who gets promoted.

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I was with that company for almost 10 years and the best thing I have ever done was taken a chance and left. I was fired once for calling out my DM (who got the DM job based on his stores sales numbers, not based on knowledge) for giving a 65" and Xbox 360 over the counter to a couple who filled out about 10% of their rental application. This was done while I was on Vacation and of course the people stole the merch. When I confronted him about it I was told to hand over my keys. A month later the a--hole was fired when they found out his old stores collection numbers were maintained with money collected from charged off accounts. Then he was rehired and put back into a district again.

This is why the company is going upside down. When I started in early 2000's the company cared about the customer, created a warm and fun environment, and promoted individuality. Now the expectation is to be a sales and collection robot and follow specific narratives when communicating with customers. Anything relating to customer appreciation is now gone and the morale of the employees is in the sh--ter.

This type of business caters to a specific group of people and most of these people do not relate well to the way that the company expects the employees to conduct business now. This could be a gold mine again but they need to really evaluate how they handle hiring, qualifying promotions, and how they communnicate with the customer base.

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@Jermaine - I’m sure out of the 2,000 plus stores there are maybe 100 or less that actually follows company protocol & tries to keep employee morale high. Unfortunately, the negativity of most employee behavior has infiltrated itself so much into the culture of the company it has to be undone. They need real characteristic evaluations with their management teams. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. Very sad & unfortunate as it is a great company with big money making potential if given the proper employees to handle it & their people well. All the great ones leave one way or another. Even the CEO himself.

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I've recently left RAC after being there 15 years. I loved every day of it. we have had many busy days but employees always got lunches, what you are describing doesn't happen every where. it is a performance based job and you can only imagine the turnover I have seen in my 15 years

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Exactly right! It’s been 10 years for me. Even new employees haven’t not been given lunch breaks and the nepotism is through the rough at this company. I’ve wasted time here thinking things would change or improve even in the slightest. They only continue to get worse. Now they are mad at me for wanting to move on to other things when there is no reasonable advancement there. DM’s send resumes of applicants who can’t even produce a full resume. The company is failing due to the type of workforce they have. I just basically go to work now until another opportunity comes through or until they fire me. I really no longer care about the numbers or their lazy and piss poor management.

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