Thread regarding Mattel Inc. layoffs

Are the pension plans safe?

Anyone know if the Mattel cash balance and Fisher Price Pension plans are safe from being tampered with?

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Be safe roll your pension over into another 401K

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Here is a article regarding 401k and company closure

basically any thing you put in is safe and vested percentage is safe $$$

But loans have to be payed in 60 days if. It not paid if not is treaters as a withdrawcand taxed

If your 55 1/2 you are sad from penalty tax if your younger you will be penalized I think it’s 10% over normal taxes

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The pension plan has changed so much over the years from matching a pre-tax percentage to now next to nothing but that's been every industry. If you were with Mattel years ago they matched up to 10% I believe? Nowadays you get the privilege of eating their [email protected] and having the honor of complimenting them on their cooking.

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The pension plan is usually terminated in reorganization and always terminated in liquidation.

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