Thread regarding Mattel Inc. layoffs

Does Anyone Know the Total of Employees that were Laid-off

How many in the entire company

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Not enough let go. Was hoping for enough of a slaughter that Santa would bring me the gift of a higher stock price with less salaries to carry.

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70 Laid-off

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If there were still rumors of a merger our stock wouldn't be hovering around $14. FAKE NEWS! Layoffs are FAKE NEWS! Make 'Murica great again!!!

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Yes, technically no more layoffs because the merger is imminent. There are many indirect ways of saying layoffs. Terms like "downsizing," "restructuring," "reorganizing," "incremental synergies," "offshoring,” and "streamlining."

I’ve seen other terms used like headcount reductions in an email our former CEO sent to employees about rumored layoffs.

RE (former Mattel CEO) referred to layoffs as “workforce rebalancing.” Then he ran off with a sh*tload of Mattel money and the communications VP.

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If Kevin Smith was the CEO it would have been 37.

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Nobody laid off here. Is this just fear mongering?

Where is here?

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50 in Es

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The only thing the current executive management team has been consistent with being wrong!!! Wrong to shareholders, investors and employees. If the Harvard trained business people running Mattel say it, it is wrong. Both strategy and execution of business plan are failing. Mattel should be making money hand over fist this quarter. Mattel is not doing that and financials are woresening by the day .

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During last employee update CEO said no more layoffs, these guys are full of it.

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Nobody laid off here. Is this just fear mongering?

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So Not Done

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Not done yet. There will be more to come.

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Yes, I'm sure MGo and other members of the leadership team know.

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