Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Don’t spend a lot of money this Christmas!

The new layoff is scheduled for January when you return. Business model will change, sales organization will go through restructuring and ECAs will be cut. Happy holidays!!

This is not a fake news. Just wait and watch.

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@QNXwjuw-1txq : you need evidence? maybe you can have a look at EMEA Systems. oh... sorry, maybe I should say ex-Systems, since now it is officially RIP'ed (with a mail... maybe even more cold and impersonal than a recorded call). This will mean at least another 500 layoffs in the next 2 quarters only in EMEA, due to overlapping positions with Tech. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't need any evidence.

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LE is a slime bag for sure

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I thought it was gonna be in February!

There have to be some layoffs this quarter, because of the budget set up for it. Don't know when though. Sometime after the holidays it seems.

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FAKE NEWS...Notice how s/he provides no evidence of a layoff. This post is just the word of an anonymous malcontent that a layoff is coming.

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The slime that Larry is coated with is just gonna make Oracle slide off the cliff faster .

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Oracle is headed over the cliff in 2018 and even the slime that LE is coated with will not help.

The company’s time is up and LE and the complicit board does now care about the employees .

We are all screwed

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LE doesn’t keep controlling interest for nothin’!

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And with the declining share price, LE will have to start writing check to his landers to make up for the shortfall in the collateral he’s given the in oracle stock, so will be looking to reduce staff further to bios dividends so he has the cash. So watch out, here come the layoffs to justify dividend increase to give LE more cash.

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Meh, if they're stupid enough to be blowing money at a time like this, let them fund the rest of the world's prosperity while they lose their jobs, cars, and houses.

Can't fix stupidity, as hard as you try.

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