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Why I left HP before it became DXC

I decided to reflect on my decision to left HP before it eventually became DXC. I joined Hewlett Packard in 2007 and it was matter of real pride for me. During on-boarding session all newcomers were told to put HP customers always at #1 spot. I truly loved this attitude and kept it in my mind during all next 8 years with the company. When global financial crisis hit IT industry hard, I was really happy to be with the large enterprise as it gave me the feel of job security. As years were passing HP started to lose its dominant market position and major restructuring kicked off. I still remember "first" rounds of WFR and saying good bye to many NA based colleagues from the account I worked for. As time was passing HP spirit fade away slowly. When my team was replaced by off-shore team, I "lost" the account I devoted so much. I felt betrayed and I could not understand, why hard working and dedication was simply not enough. I was assigned to new account. It was like a flashback 7 years back. Account running very old technology and support wise hardly to justify 0.1 FTE. Still my management expected me to report 100% efficiency in CATW. I decided to leave. Two years after my departure I know many ex-colleagues pursing the same venture. All of them voluntarily.

My hard work paid off to the last cent. I was hired by the company, which used to be my original HP account. Now I can see ITO world from the opposite side. Without sharing any company secret I must admit almost 95% of our vendor based resources come from off-shore low labour locations. With my retirement still 25+ years ahead, I wonder what skill set is needed to keep well paid IT job on a long run.

Happy holidays.

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Automation.... If your job is just a well design process away from being automated, it is just a matter of time before that skill set becomes obsolete.

Be the guy who automates jobs. You will not be well-liked but you will make alot more that you are now for a longer period of time... That is until artificial intelligence figures stuff out and not need the human brain anymore.

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The skill set of the future NOW is cyber-security. It is expanding in so many directions, picking one works long term.

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and your point is?

what a very uninteresting post.

get a life.

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EDS used to be the same thing, back in the day. A place you could have a career and actually see career progression. I am sure CSC was also the same for those who who were there back in the times when loyalty mattered and companies saw their people as resources to be valued.

The old corporate model is gone, we need to get used to that. Experience is not valued, employees are not valued unless they are at a certain managment level or above. Everything else is an expense, it's just a matter of whether DXC is making money off it's expenses and the top level gets compensated well.

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