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Don't trust upper management when they say no layoffs

Our upper management told us no more layoffs in Personal Care for 2018.

Anybody actually believes this? Upper management will say ANYTHING to get people to calm down and restore some kind of productivity. Scared and stressed employees are not that productive. I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them...

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I cant believe ANY manager said there will be no layoffs, I hope you laughed at them.

The only person(s) in a company that can say that, would the CEO and board of directors. If a person actually came out and said that, they are complete liars or willing fools. With GGEP extended another two years, it's clear that there WILL be more layoffs, consolidations, and offshoring.

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They are full of sh--. Few years ago then CTO said India is only to follow the sun model. BS.

Look at it now. They already knew what they were planning to do. Outsource IT jobs.

Never trust CP management or HR.

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Layoffs will occur in 2018 and all of 2019. With the two new companies Colgate aquired, they need to see who will fits and who will not fit with the new groups. They will treat the new companies as the did Toms. Management is nervous but if they did things fairly they would not need to worry. If you believe what management tell you. are the fool.

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Possibly the best indicator that you will be laid off is when management expressly states there will be no layoffs.

Remember when times were good? Nobody had to mention layoffs because they weren't even a consideration. So when they feel the need to deny layoffs, it's because they're coming.

SImple psychology and logic.

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