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Layoffs every year

I've been with Synopsys for a little over five years, and while I truly do enjoy working here, the constant layoffs are taking their toll on me.

Since I've been here, we've had a round of layoffs every single year. This has become a pattern, and we are at the point where we expect them. This means that we are always worried and stressing over whether the next year will be it for us.

It's causing anxiety and a drop in morale, which is really sad since, as I said, otherwise Synopsys is a great place to work at.

Hopefully this pattern will break soon, but I'm not really holding my breath...

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SNPS pretty standard formula - 10 years wasted....
Running out of steam on Technology side so buy 3'rd rate companies to get development talent in near term since can not develop internally with working outcome- result is now very low, low "Kwalittee" of products, especially in IP division.
Senior Engineering people on former mainstay products like Synthesis have left for Google, etc. Senior IT people let go for age and expense - terrible IT infrastructure as result.
Internal Code Word is "Low Cost Engineering Sites" - this translates into replacing "high cost center" (US & Europe) headcount to cheaper locations ie India, China, Russia, Viet Nam next, etc.
Politically dangerous - gross incompetence at Dir., GM and VP level - Exec team totally out of touch - too busy on stock repurchase and lining their pockets before they bail.
Have yet to see Dir + with actual experience on stated job qualifications.
Expect stock bust when they leave - 2000 financial manipulators on payroll versus >300 Technical managers should give one a hint. Summit EDA Design experience waiting to happen if government ever smartens up and audits.
If over 50+ - your days are numbered - in general if you know what you are doing - you will get pushed out for knowing better. HR only there to protect management chain abuses.
Layoff's are held twice a a year - in early spring and early fall - Enron wanna-be's on bell curve or on political hit list. If business bad ie profit margin not high enough - expect zero warning lay-off's right before Christmas in early December.
As widely noted on this forum - CAE (Corporate Applications Engineering) is burn-out job due to horrible bosses, poor quality product (releasing with known bugs), and disregard for customers.

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I hate working at synopsys . Application engineering truely s---s

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Same goes for Nokia. We have layoffs every month (every department gets hit at least once a year). This year will be even worse then last year since they are trying to meet the finances.

Just like you said, moral is low and difficult to concentration on doing work. It's depressing when you don't know if you will have a job tomorrow or not.

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